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Our Basic Philosophy:

We believe our products should be safe to use, never fail, ultimately provide the lowest installed cost and be easy to use and repair (should contaminants cause seal failure).Learn More…

Reversibility of Action

Field reversibility is incorporated into all of our rotary actuators so that by simply turning a spring return actuator top side down, the action changes from fail closed to fail open.

Proof of Performance

is evidenced by high volume users who report they have experienced no failures in over a decade of use. Our exceptional performance based warranty demonstrates our personal confidence in our products.


is far easier than competitive actuators. Costs of contaminant caused repair requirements (hardly any other causes of failure are ever reported) are lower than those of replacing cheap throw away designs.


Unique, Effective Solutions

are demonstrated throughout our broad range of actuators, options and accessories. From the very beginning we refused to copy exisiting designs or to claim as ours, offshore sourced actuators. We refused to use the common “sell on price” approach, opting instead to focus on lowest installed cost.


We opened our doors with a high cycle, high speed capable Rack & Gear™ stainless steel actuator with a limited torque range and chose not offer higher torque designs until we had a better solution than the common scotch yoke design. The resulting FlatYoke™ design achieved reduced friction, weight and force balance and longer cycle life while maintaining all of the features of our Q series Rack and GearTM actuators.


Our superior XRCISERTM PSTD design resolves every issue with Partial Stroke Testing.  From remote activation to full assurance against spurious over-closure, the XRCISERTM offers desired redundancies and useable diagnostics and is available on all QTRCO actuators.


Our TMLO, top mounted lock outs, provide users with a means to lock and tag out valves by preventing actuator operation, even with full supply pressure applied.


Can we offer Individual user solutions? Sure. Recently as customer advised that they appreciate our universal mounting capabilities that enable mounting our actuators directly to many types of valves, but they wanted something with no adapters or mounting plates because such items tend to be lost or misplaced during maintenance on their vehicle based applications. Within a week we were able to propose a new “T” (transportation) series actuator capable of mounting to their preferred valves.