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Compressor anti-surge valves are an important component to prevent mechanical damage to axial or centrifugal compressors.  Pressures and flow rates can change rapidly during the operation of a compressor and the anti-surge system must be able to respond quickly to these process changes to prevent surging or instability.  The anti-surge control valve is capable of rapidly venting or recirculating the flow to help stabilize pressures in the system.

In Augusta, GA a fertilizer manufacturer upgraded their anti-surge valve on a large compressor to improve performance of the anti-surge system.  In addition to increased flow capacity, precise control, and a fast stroking speed, the customer also had a compressed project schedule that required a fully operational system in less than 12 weeks.  After considering many types of valve and actuator designs, they settled on a 16” globe valve with a QTRCO L-Series actuator.  The QTRCO L-Series actuator is designed for throttling service and is able to provide 8 inches of valve travel in less than 2 seconds.

A key consideration for choosing QTRCO was the ability to provide an actuator to meet the project schedule.  QTRCO engineered the mounting for the globe valve and all accessories to work as an integrated control valve package.  QTRCO also delivered the actuator in 6 weeks to meet the time constraints of the project.  The low-friction, vibration resistant design will ensure years of trouble free performance.


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