Exceptional throttling control

Control/Throttling Applications

QTRCO Rack & Gear® Actuators 

have extremely low internal friction, consume minimal air volume, are able to handle the most severe vibration and are available in stainless steel for complete protection against corrosion. Rack & Gear® actuators provide throttling capabilities consistent with those of diaphragm actuators with a high level of reliability.

The QTRCO Rack & Gear® thru-shaft design results in substantial space savings. These actuators have been proven to be excellent companions to quarter turn control valves including those with extended stems.

Space savings

Our revolutionary “Close Mount” design reduces the size, weight and cost of the assembly by passing the valve stem through the actuator shaft with no valve modifications.

An excellent substitute for diaphragm actuators

  • Vibration & Corrosion Proof

  • Proven Throttling Capabilities

  • Compact Size

  • Zero Side Loading of Valve Stem

  • Low Fill Volume


Adapters to fit all valve types 

Q Series Close Mount with adapters


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