QD Series Ductile Iron Valve Actuators

QD Series Ductile Iron Valve Actuators

Built to Last 

Due to our belief that actuators should not fail - all QTRCO actuators
feature robust designs and premium materials

QD Series - Materials of Construction

 Mechanism  CF8M Stainless Steel
 Housing  Ductile Iron
 Cylinders  Amalga Composite
 Optional: 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminum
 Pistons  Ductile Iron
 Springs  Powder Coated Chrome-Silicon Steel
 Optional: Stainless Steel
 Seals   BUNA
 Optional: Viton, Silicon




Patented Rack & Gear® Mechanism

Offset cylinders align the piston axis with the pinion gear pitch circle diameter, eliminating the cantilever forces inherent in rack and pinion type actuators. Low friction rollers maintain correct engagement of the stainless steel gearing for absolutely exceptional cycle life.

The reduced friction enables outstanding throttling control as demonstrated in numerous 'typical diaphragm actuator' applications where corrosion or high vibration dictated a better solution.

Q Series Spring return actuator

Bi-Directional Travel Stops

QS actuators feature bi-directional travel stops which allow a minimum of 5 degrees of over travel in each direction. The stops act on the piston motion and impart no side loading on the shaft.

Non-Pressurized Shaft Seals Cannot Fail (Spring Return)

QS series spring return actuators apply no pressure to the shaft seals, eliminating a common cause of rack & pinion actuator failure.

Pressure Balanced Shafts

While QS Series Double Acting actuators pressurize the shaft seals on the return stroke, we use a pressure balanced shaft design that is not subject to the high "pistoning" forces seen in typical rack & pinion actuators. Unbalanced shafts lead to higher friction, torque loss, and early failure.

Non-Existent Rod Seals Cannot Fail


Torques to 21,000 in-lb Torques to 7,500 in-lb
Pressure to 150 psig Pressures to 175 psig
Temperatures from -76°F to +450°F 90° Rotation (±5° at each end of travel)

Q series Torque Chart

Anywhere you need a better actuator

  • High Cycle
  • High Speed
  • High Temperature
  • High Vibration
  • Throttling
  • Corrosive Environments


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