Mechanical partial stroke testing device

TMX Mechanical PSTD

TMX Solution

The QTRCO TMX Solution is a top mounted hard travel stop that is manually engaged by the operator. Unlike other mechanical partial stroke testing devices (PSTDs) the TMX Solution does not require a special actuator or coupler.

The TMX is for users who desire the lowest possible cost partial stroke testing device. The simple mechanical approach is lockable for assurance against unauthorized engagement. Engaging the top mounted slide limits the actuator rotation to a standard 15° or user specified value. Padlocks may be used to secure the slide in the engaged or disengaged position to prevent unauthorized use.


  • Low cost, simple, lockable
  • Allows application of the full actuator torque to overcome sticking valves
  • No special couplers needed
  • Enables any Q Series QTRCO actuator (existing or new) for partial stroke testing
  • Tag-Out/Lock-Out capability

To learn more about QTRCO's TMX Mechanical Partial Stroke Testing Device, please view this brochure.


TMX not engaged
TMX not engaged
normal full travel

TMX engaged
TMX engaged
travel limited to 15°
(or specified amount)

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